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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 30, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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day. >> sir? >> respect, boss man. and good morning, america. hello to robin at home. boy, we have so much happening as we come on the air. a super january for the stock market. the dow just shy of 14,000 right now. could be headed for an all-time high. lots of 401(k)s looking good. what it all means for your money. >> we'll have the latest developments in the breakup murder trial. one of jodi arias' ex-boyfriends has some surprising testimony as her defense attorneys started their case. >> that is coming up. let's get right to that hostage situation in alabama. s.w.a.t. teams have been called in to negotiate to save a 6-year-old boy.
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abc's pierre thomas joins us with the latest. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: a dangerous situation is still unfolding this morning in alabama. it involves the words no parent wants to hear. a man with a gun, a child on a bus, and a child kidnapped. police are swarming around this location in midland city, alabama, desperately trying to rescue a 6-year-old taken from his school bus. >> we were dropping some kids off. a man that lived next door to them got on the bus. >> reporter: this police radio scanner audio describes the unfolding nightmare. >> a child is on the line with us advising us the driver's been shot. >> just had a bus driver shot, possibly deceased. >> suspect has removed a child from the bus. >> they're on foot at this time. white male, sunglasses. possibly dark-colored clothing. >> reporter: police sources identify the suspect as jimmy lee dykes, recently been
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charged with menacing. he may have been due in court today. the child is being held in an underground bunker. it's unclear what the suspect's relationship with the child is. >> he stated he needed a kid because something about the law coming after him. >> reporter: this morning, the community is in shock. >> i feel sorry for everybody on the bus. >> reporter: authorities have surrounded the suspect and are negotiating with him. he seems to be cooperating. the child needs medication. the suspect allowed police to provide it. the fbi has been called in to help. my sources are describing this as extremely sensitive with authorities praying the little boy will be okay. elizabeth? >> all right, we, are, too. thanks so much, pierre. now to that monster storm system, packing high winds and rain. sam, you have been tracking it all. a 900-mile-long storm system? >> and it's active right now, it has been throughout the
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night, and will be for hours longer. we got pictures coming in from twitter and facebook. this is from louisville, the heavy rain. look at the storm reports. more than 300 reports of storm damage. at least 300 reports and more coming in since this is an active storm situation. all the way through the deep south. as elizabeth said, this is a 900-mile-long storm line from ohio to the gulf coast. it's really active right now. look at the warnings popping up in red. those are tornado warnings. the severe storm warnings, the yellow boxes. overnight, 65-mile-per-hour whipping winds flattened this missouri home like a house of cards. from louisiana to indiana, to kentucky, tornado sirens screamed warnings into the early morning hours. 80-mile-an-hour winds tore into monticello, arkansas. these two vehicles collided beside a home where a 17-year-old girl was electrocuted. and this barn, housing seven college rodeo horses, completely
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collapsed. no horses were injured. high winds blew over this 18-wheeler in missouri. in texas, thousands without power. 60-mile-an-hour winds turned these two rv trailers upside down, injuring one person. while in midland, whipping winds covered this highway with tumbleweed. flooding in memphis, three inches of rain flood over parts of oklahoma to illinois. meanwhile, up to four inches of snow now cover the panhandle of texas. all over the midwest -- >> it seems like it puts it down heavy and really fast. almost to where we can't keep up to it. >> no one could keep up. chasing these storms has been a really big problem. our alex perez has been doing just that. and he just got to the university of arkansas. what does it look like there? >> good morning, sam. those strong straight-line winds kept many people up here in arkansas.
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those winds are responsible for knocking over this shed, this was that shed you mentioned that was protecting the horses. it came down on top of that trailer there. neither the horses nor people were injured in any of this. at one point, the winds were as strong as 60 miles per hour. now, as for that 17-year-old young lady that was electrocuted, after her house was struck by lightning, she is doing just fine this morning. sam? >> tough to see what happened until you get the daylight in. these storms will continue to march east. so it's another rough day of storms. we'll show you who gets it from tallahassee to new york city. >> all right, sam, thank you so much. let's turn to josh elliott for the other developing stories. the big stock market surge yesterday. >> it was a roar. we're going to begin there with your money. the stock market. we're watching the dow right
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now. as you can see the major milestone, 14,000 within reach right now. bianna golodryga here to explain it all. >> good morning to you, josh. it was a roar. the dow is at its highest level since october 2007. gaining 850 points this month alone. now, it's the best start to the year since 1989. we're only 200 points away from an all-time high. so, the big question, what does it mean to you? the average 401(k) has increased some 20% in the last year, from $64,000 to $80,000. that's a significant jump. so, what's behind all of this? washington raised the debt ceiling at least temporarily. corporate earnings are up. and so are home sales. home prices are up 5.5% from a year ago. the economy is still growing at a relatively slow pace. this monthly jobs report due out friday is expected to show that the unemployment rate has not budged. now to a developing story overnight.
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a new doping scandal in sports. this time, in major league baseball. involving some of the sport's biggest stars. officials are investigating a report in a florida newspaper that claims that yankees star alex rodriguez, nationals pitcher gio gonzalez, and four others were sold performance-enhancing drugs in the last three years by a clinic in florida. gonzalez and rodriguez have already issued statements denying any links to the clinic. but our colleagues at espn report that the yankees are trying to void the remainder of alex rodriguez's contract. and a new revelation in the boeing's 787 dreamliner investigation. the plane has been grounded. now, we've learned boeing was told about repeated problems with the batteries months before one of them caught fire in boston. however, safety regulators did not have to be notified because the problems, up until then, had not forced cancellations or flight delays.
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and this morning, flights in and out of china have been canceled because of the staggering air pollution. that chokes the country still. it has gone from really bad to worse. visibility now less than 100 yards in beijing this morning. so bad, in fact, the government sent text messages to people urging them to stay inside. emergency rooms packed with people, young and old, suffering breathing problems. we have grown used to watching anything we want on youtube for free. but that is about to change. the site now preparing to launch a paid subscription service for certain channels starting in the spring. they would cost between $1 and $5 per month. and finally today, prince charles doing something for the first time that we commoners have been doing for generations. hopping a ride on the subway. the palace tweeting this photo of charles and camilla on london's famous tube. even swiped a card to get
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through the turnstile. all to mark the 150th birthday of the tube. the world's first underground railway. we cannot confirm that they also think "downton abbey" is a reality show. >> they're just regular folk. we're going to go to washington now and hillary clinton's farewell tour as secretary of state. last night, the senate overwhelmingly approved john kerry as her replacement. will she come back to washington and how? just some of the questions that "nightline's" cynthia mcfadden asked her when they sat down yesterday. cynthia? >> good morning, george. i've interviewed secretary clinton nearly a dozen times over the years. i have never seen her more relaxed as she was yesterday. she's doubled down on her defiant testimony on benghazi. we got personal, discussing the lingering effects of her concussion. while she's logged almost 1 million miles on the job, it's where she's going next that has everybody talking. hillary clinton has only three days left as the u.s. secretary of state. so the question everyone is asking, what will her next job be?
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in the past few days, a pac called ready for hillary has been launched. can you still say with a straight face that you have -- that there's no way you would consider running for president? >> sitting here right now, that is certainly what i believe. and i am looking forward to having something resembling a normal life again. >> reporter: and yet, are we up to maybe? >> that's very good, cynthia. i don't know how else to say it but i am going to get back into my life again. see how it feels. >> reporter: when you conceded defeat in the primary, you made a famous speech in which you said that there are 18 million cracks in the ceiling. >> and the light is shining through. >> reporter: if, in the next couple of years, it appears, as it does appear right now, that you might be the person to break through the glass ceiling and become the first female president of this country, would
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you feel a certain obligation to seize that mantle? >> i want to see the glass ceiling shattered. i don't think it has to be any particular person. it just has to be a convergence of the right candidate and historical forces. >> reporter: clinton visited more countries as secretary of state than any of her predecessors, 112. but her extensive travel came to an abrupt end after she suffered a concussion in december. she's now sporting special glasses. this whole seeing double thing, is that true? >> i have some lingering effects from the concussion. they'll dissipate over the next weeks. i'll be back to my old myopic self. >> she says she plans to write a book. i asked what she'll do on saturday when she woke up and was no longer in office. she said she had no particular plans, but she just might go back to sleep for awhile. >> i bet you got a signature
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laugh when you asked that question, as well. more answers on the future plans in a little while? >> i think so. >> thank you, cynthia. >> her last day on friday. now, we're going to turn to a bizarre murder story out of newport beach, california. a doctor found shot several times in his office. the prime suspect, a former patient. the motive, however, is still a mystery. abc's abbie boudreau has the story. >> reporter: this morning, investigators are trying to figure out why this prominent california doctor, seen in these commercials -- >> i've had the satisfaction of helping thousands of patients. >> reporter: -- was gunned down in his exam room monday. allegedly by his very own patient. this man, stanwood fred elkus showed up for his appointment, pulled out a gun and shot dr. gilbert multiple times in the chest. >> the suspect was calm, he was in the room, and officers were able to take him into custody. >> shocked. confused.
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and we thought we know him, i guess not. >> reporter: later today, he'll be arraigned for homicide. but police why he opened fire on his doctor remains a mystery. >> produces the results my patients desire. >> he was a longtime urologist. >> we're used to fixing things. we're fixers. >> reporter: known for treating men with sexual health problems. >> that's probably the worst part of this. we get into the field to deal with these people and they end up taking it back on us. >> reporter: neighbors said that he often complained about his health. >> his prostate. he has a lot of problems and the operation, he thought, harmed. >> reporter: and in his voice mail recording. >> hello, i have a 50% hearing loss. >> reporter: he says he's hard of hearing. the retired barber reportedly told one neighbor the night before murder, i'm not going to be alive much longer. but, in the end, it was his doctor whose life was tragically cut short. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. we're going to turn now to
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a new lawsuit that claims frozen pizza could cause cancer. the class action targets nestle foods for including a toxic chemical. >> reporter: the woman is trying to take a slice out of the multimillion-dollar frozen pizza industry, suing the company responsible for about half of all frozen pizzas. nestle. it's the $5 million frozen pizza battle that could heat up a california courtroom. this morning, the pizza companies are coming under fire. a new class action lawsuit claiming the maker of the popular pizza brands are a danger to public health. taking on nestle, who produces all three brands, katie simpson of san diego. in the lawsuit she just filed, she argues the company is placing profits over public health by not removing transfats from their pizzas. >> katie has two young children.
7:15 am
she likes to make pizza for them. all kids love pizza. it shouldn't have a toxic food additive that's banned in parts of the world. >> reporter: california, followed by 13 cities across the u.s., bans transfats in foods at restaurants. because they raise bad cholesterol and lower the good kind. there are no bans on transfats in packaged foods. the fda and usda only require that companies list all of the ingredients on the label. still, when simpson was buying her favorite frozen pizzas, she says, that she had no idea they contained what the suit called a toxic carcinogen. this isn't the first transfat lawsuit. in 2005, mcdonald's paid $8.5 million after being sued for not being honest about transfat levels in their foods. will this pizza suit get tossed out of court? >> it's clear they haven't broken rules.
7:16 am
>> reporter: nestle tells abc news that we will rigorously defend ourself. all of our foods are in strict compliance with both fda and usda regulations. i also reached out to california pizza kitchen. the company wants you to know that this lawsuit is not related to the restaurants. only the frozen pizzas that nestle makes using the cpk brand. >> okay, gio, thanks very much. back to sam with more weather. >> we'll show you what the fog in the northeast looks like today. look at the empire state building from w -- wait, no, no, we don't have it. this is the first time i have ever seen jfk report 0.0 visibility. maybe that's why we don't have the shot because it would look a little like that. new york, 60, washington, 70, charleston, 75. take a look at the number at
7:17 am
pittsburgh, 71. that's about 30 degrees above normal. by the end of the day, pittsburgh will have slammed the cold air down. oh, wait, we do have that shot. we're going to take a look. there it is. there it is. but, again, jfk reporting zero visibility. this fog will take time to clear out. it's heavy near philly. up toward almost into boston today. it will be a real travel issue. and then these big numbers. as the cold front comes through. it will drop snow and probably 1 to 3 inches of snow in pittsburgh. when you start with 71 degrees, that's exactly the whiplash weather we've been talking about with this system. the storms to the northeast. the most powerful storms from pittsburgh all the way south, we believe. then there's that hit of snow. behind it, strong, gusty winds. 3 to 6 inches of snow. some places will come in with more than 6 inches of snow. there's a quick look at the board.
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>> the stormiest cities brought to you by kay jewelers. and these storms are something down south. they're still lighting up today. we'll track them throughout the morning.
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>> all right, sam, thank you so much. coming up on "gma," a dramatic day in court in the breakup murder trial. jodi arias' former boyfriend takes the stand. but did his testimony help or hurt her defense? plus, the mastermind behind the elaborate hoax that duped manti te'o. he speaks out. was he in love with the football star? and what's the story behind this jaw-dropping photo of justin bieber? it's about where his hands are. we're going to talk about that. and we showed you this stunner of a snapshot yesterday. wait until you see the video of a world record-breaking wild ride. ten stories of water. and the super bowl ad everyone is talking about. there it is right there. we'll debate it in just a bit. super bowl ad everyone is talking about. we'll debate it in just a bit. n. i don't need to go to the gym. my job is my workout. you're shoveling ice all day long. it's rough on the back. it's rough on the shoulders. i get muscle aches all over. advil® is great.
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she can't always move the way she wants. now you can. with stayfree ultra thins. flexible layers move with your body while thermocontrol wicks moisture away. keep moving. stayfree. >> now, from abc7 news , the highway patrol issued a sig-alert on eastbound 580 after a faith accident in livermore. sue is following this. >> we have a live shot and you can see the eastbound direction 580 was blocked c.h.p. had all lanes blocked. now, two right lanes are getting by and the three left lanes are blocked with the fatal accident at greenville and sig-alert in affect. rubberneckers have the westbound direction clogged from the central valley, as well. eric? >> looks like there was a fire. >> developing news in the search of a home for the remains of
7:24 am
kevin collins the ten-year old boy who disappeared 29 years ago in san francisco. abc7 break the story of the search on abc7 news at 4:00 p.m. yesterday, and there were bones discovered buried beneath a basement floor of a home on basement floor of a home on masonic home but itys of walking
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to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful
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(woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful >> here are the current temperatures if you are headed out, cool nest napa at 35, and
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warmest at livermore at 48 degrees with a breeze blowing offshore and a reason why we will be warmer by a degree in san francisco to six degrees in livermore, warmer than average. everyone in the low-to-mid 60's under a
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don't fret, big fella,
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the sticky bun comes soon. wicked cup there, mr. jim. julia, turn the frown the other way around. >> hey, dave, you're three minutes late. >> don't be no cloud on a sunny day. >> chill. >> respect, boss man. >> the ad is all about selling the red volkswagen there. the get in, get happy campaign. it's for the super bowl sunday night. it's created a social media buzz saw. a lot of people looking at it and saying they're seeing it as raci racist. jamaica is responding. >> i think it's quite funny. >> we'll kick it around. we'll have d.l. hughley here to weigh in as well. also coming up, the mastermind behind the elaborate manti te'o hoax is finally speaking out in an exclusive interview with dr. phil. was he in love with the football player or not? we're going to hear more about that. also, beyonce, out with a
7:30 am
spectacular new photo as we count down to the super bowl. it looks like she's planning on refereeing the event in a very fabulous way. >> and what an event it will be in new orleans this weekend. but not the only big game played. >> what? >> we have puppy bowl ix on the way. >> oh, look. >> and to kick it off. we'll be playing a game today in studio with puppies, all available for adoption, by the way. so lara, elizabeth, george, pick them up at the door. >> i could hear my daughters screaming for that little dachshund. >> my son's 10th birthday is tomorrow. all he wants is a new puppy. but first, we're going to get to the latest in the breakup murder trial. jodi arias' defense team calling their first two witnesses on tuesday, including one of her ex-boyfriends.
7:31 am
did his testimony help her defense or help the prosecution? ryan owens has the very latest. >> reporter: is the jodi arias seen here a kind, gentle soul pushed too far by an abusive boyfriend? or a calculating stalker who killed that boyfriend in a jealous rage? >> sir, could you introduce yourself to the jury, please? >> reporter: on day one of her defense, arias' attorneys called a boyfriend she dated before she dated alexander. >> i knew jodi because we were in love. >> reporter: he didn't want his face shown publicly. but daryl brewer said he dated the much younger arias for four years. they everyone bought a house together. the divorced dad says she was great with his son. >> jodi was a very responsible, caring, loving person.
7:32 am
>> did you ever see jodi act jealous towards women that you came in contact with? >> no. >> reporter: but on cross-examination, brewer may have done damage to her case. he told the prosecutor arias took a nude picture of him in the shower. remember, she snapped these photos of travis alexander in the shower seconds before prosecutors say she started stabbing him. he testified arias visited him the day before the murder and borrowed two of his gas cans. >> and she made more than one call asking you for the gas cans to make a trip to arizona, didn't she? >> yes. >> reporter: he says she filled up those cans in california so she could make it to alexander's house in arizona and commit murder without leaving any tracks. prosecutors say that shows premeditation. one reason they believe she deserves the death penalty. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, phoenix.
7:33 am
>> and for more, we're going to go to "gma's" legal analyst, dan abrams. the gas can testimony was really crucial and jumped out at everybody. it was presented by the defense attorneys and yet it could have helped the prosecution. >> i think it helps the prosecution enormously. if you view the case as the way i do, there's almost no chance she'll be acquitted. if you're going for second degree, the gas cans support the theory that this didn't just happen. there wasn't a fight. there wasn't an incident. >> it wasn't a heat of the moment, passion type of thing. >> exactly. she thought about it and planned it. that's why the idea of getting the gas canisters, so she wouldn't have to stop anywhere along the way, is very important testimony. >> wouldn't have to stop along the way and leave a record of her travels. >> that's right, and to be seen
7:34 am
on camera, whatever the case may be. >> it's important to point out her first story was that she had nothing to do with this, wasn't anywhere near the place. >> that's important. because that's the first story that she went with. it was only after evidence was found at the scene that she was directly linked back to the scene. >> also devastating you say, for the defense, was that the ex-boyfriend testified about their sex life, the fact that it was adventurous. she had been previously testifying that she was forced to do certain things by the victim. that's why she retaliated. >> another important point brought out by prosecutors. because that is the defense. the defense is, he was controlling her, he was hurting her. this is their way of saying, part of the way they claimed the controlling was occurring was by sex. so, bringing forth this testimony, the prosecution can say, wait a sec, this is not so dissimilar from anything else in her life.
7:35 am
>> thanks so much, dan. >> another bad day. to the latest in the manti te'o hoax. for the first time, we're hearing from the man who masterminded the whole thing. he sat down with dr. phil. and abc's linsey davis got a peek at their conversation. >> reporter: for the first time, ronaiah tuiasosopo, the alleged mastermind behind the manti te'o girlfriend scheme, the most elaborate hoax to rock the sports world, is speaking out. take a look. the sneak preview of the hoax ster with dr. phil on "e.t." >> ronaiah, this young man, was very involved in this relationship. this was a deep, romantic connection. >> reporter: the man behind the hoax pretended to be lennay, an alter ego he created through fake voices and pictures of an unsuspecting woman.
7:36 am
while he admits to convincing the star notre dame linebacker that this fictitious character, lennay, was his girlfriend. he said he never intended to hurt the football star. te'o sat down with abc's katie couric last week. >> i miss you, i love you. bye. >> doesn't that sound like a girl? >> it does. >> reporter: the elaborate scheme and alter ego created by this 22-year-old, went on for four months with them talking on the phone and texting thousands of messages. during this apparently emotion falling in interview where he breaks down and cries, dr. phil asked the question we all want to know. >> were you in love with him? >> reporter: we know from te'o's interview last week, he was fully engaged in this relationship. >> i understand you would fall asleep holding the phone. >> reporter: ronaiah initially tried to gain popularity by releasing christian songs on youtube.
7:37 am
he's now made a name for himself as an imposter. according to his lawyer, the only reason he's coming forward now is because he needs help. let's get the weather from sam. >> we're still getting pictures of the damage. the 900-mile line of storms. this in mt. juliet, tennessee. just outside of nashville. that should be the top wall of the building. there's damage down on the street there. they're not sure if it's straight-line winds, but there were a couple of circulations in the radar around that time. not sure if it was wind or a tornado. i think east, we'll see scattered reports of strong to severe storms. straight-line winds in excess of 70 miles an hour. the worst storms will be in the red zone from pittsburgh to tallahassee. new york city, just out of the most severe weather. possible to see storms out of this. here's the rainfall totals, likely to be 2 to 3 inches of rain. we need to mention seattle and portland.
7:38 am
just getting that cold air o >> and all t hat weather brought to you by macy's. >> check out this photo. what is going on here with justin bieber? it's making a lot of headlines. >> i'll bet that is. and the volkswagen super bowl ad, kicking up a controversy. an entire country responds overnight. is the ad offensive or just plain fun? responds overnight. is the ad offensive or just plain fun? hi, i'm phil mickelson.
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welcome back, it's 7:43. we have that photo causing such a buzz this morning. justin beeb we are a fan in what look like a compromising pose. is it part of a publicity stunt or something else? >> reporter: justin bieber getting up close and seemingly a little too personal with a fan. this morning, the megastar is grabs more than just headlines with this picture, snapped at a miami meet and greet. >> regardless of what the picture shows, everyone is talking about justin bean beeber on the day that his new acoustic
7:43 am
album is dropping. >> reporter: the photo of bieber smooching a fan seems to show him taking the phrase press the flesh a little too literal. another stop earlier this month had him gives the press a revealing look in this checky photo. is he getting a bum rap? >> sometimes his pranks are funny. it does seem like he might have done something that crossed the line. >> reporter: even bieber has stepped back from the breakup with selena gomez. after these pictures leaked of a party one day after a paparazzi died after casing his ferrari. i never want to let any of you down. i love you. >> he's 18 years old. i thing he's still navigating the choppy waters of fame.
7:44 am
it's dictating what he does after something like that mooning incident just becomes a big story. ♪ ♪ i could take you places you have never been before ♪ >> reporter: now, this belieber, who claims to have been the one in the photo says, it's simply not what it looks like. people with think what they want. but i know what really happened and justin does too. on tuesday, they said they'll be responding. if his album goes number one next week, he'll be the youngest ar tois to have five number once under his belt. >> that's big. he's young. >> he's 18, right? >> so much to talk about. let's move on. ahead, explosive new details from rihanna. she's speaking out about why she's reunited with chris borow.
7:45 am
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7:49 am
right then, here's "the play of the day." really, the ride of his life. we showed you the picture yesterday. veteran surfer garrett mcnamara. riding a wave thought to be 100 feet. he's going 60 miles an hour. he's waiting for the wave's height to be certified. if it holds, he'll is broken his own record. take a listen. >> the ride pits was fun and -- exhilarate exhilarateling. it took a long time to get to the bottom. there's a lot more power and speed and it's more challenging to stay on the board. i was going so fast i could
7:50 am
barely stay on the board. what's going through my head is, this is ridiculous. i just -- >> yes, it is. >> can't judge him. can't judge him. deals and steals next. ♪ [ male announcer ] make your escape... twice as rewarding. earn double points or double miles on all your hotel stays through march thirty first. sign up now at when it's freshly colored... but why cant it last?
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7:55 am
>> now, from abc7 news traffic is backed up on eastbound 580 after a failing collision and car fire. sue has the latest details. >> here, from earlier, east 580, a car just charred. it was a fatality. they had all eastbound 580 lanes blocked and now you can see three lanes are getting by, the left two lanes are still blocked with the investigation. the traffic seems to be thin thinning out on 580. mike has the forecast. >> thank you. mid-30's in napa to upper 40's around san francisco, antioch and livermore. headed into the afternoon we are from one to seven degrees above average. low-to-mid 60's with more sunshine than yesterday. above average through monday and a slight chance of rain next week.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
[ cheers and applause ] that's right. hello, everyone, out there in
7:59 am
times square. hello to robin at home. it's great to have elizabeth vargas with us. a great crowd. look at everybody else up on the -- >> first of all, this whole set has gone to mush. mush, mush, mush. >> look at this. >> we have all these puppies here. we're going to play puppy bowl. that's coming up in a little bit. but first, rihanna. >> yes. >> that's not rihanna. >> an exclusive interview about why she reunited with chris brown. she's responding to all of her critics. also ahead, we're going to have that volkswagen super bowl ad. so many people saying it's racist. the country of jamaica has weighed in, as well as many, many others online who say they simply think it's funny. we'll talk to d.l. hughley about this all. >> he's terrific. >> he's very, he's great. >> we're going back to the days of "gaa." >> yes, indeed. sorry. one more kiss. then we'll talk. >> all of these animals are up for adoption. >> they were. >> except this one. hey, everybody.
8:00 am
so many people just crazy in love with this brand-new photo of beyonce. she put it out days before the huge super bowl halftime performance. what is she planning to referee? we'll talk about that coming up. >> look. first of all, we have "deals & steals" coming up. but sam has something to ask rubem. who is watching at home. just ask. camera three. >> can we have a puppy? can we? is that okay? is this one okay? >> it's out of my hands. it's over. >> i don't know. i don't know. >> number 2. >> okay. >> so, here's the deal. we have the puppy bowl coming on right over there. we're all going to pick dogs to root for. >> can i root for whoever i want? >> here's the deal. >> i think everybody has their number. >> sam has number 2. >> i have number 4. >> number 6. >> number 3. >> number 4. >> number 6. >> i'll root for the rest of them. everybody's gonna win, right? it's gonna be terrific. oh, wow, sam, you're done.
8:01 am
sam's a daddy, everybody. >> i don't know. don't give it away. >> sam's going to walk away with a puppy. and you're going to deliver the news. >> yes, i am. well, i'm going to steal some headlines from sam. because we're talking violent weather. we begin with the first congressional hearing on gun control since the school shooting. gabrielle giffords suffered a serious lead injury, she delivered an opening statement. >> violence is a big problem. too many children are dying. too many children. we must do something. >> giffords flanked by her husband is pushing for universal background checks and limiting the capacity of gun clips.
8:02 am
the other big story this morning, that massive storm system stretching from the gulf coast to ohio. at least 300 reports of storm damage across the stone. one death reported in tennessee. at least 20 homes on one road in southern indiana are badly damaged. three tornados have reported. in arkansas. one reason for the slow growth major cuts in defense spending. another story breaking overnight. the tense hostage standoff in alabama. a man holding a 6-year-old boy inside a bunker underground. police say he took the child off a school bus tuesday, after fatally shooting the bus driver. the suspect, reportedly has a history of mental problems.
8:03 am
and finally, wow, the definition of american heroism. former soldier brendan marrocco made a point of wheeling himself into a news conference on tuesday. here's why that's important. he was using his new transplanted arms, after a rare 13-hour operation. he lost his arms and legs in 2009. but, clearly, that has not stopped him. >> not having arms takes so much away from you, even your personality. i have overcome so much in the last four years that i really honestly wasn't worried about the risks. >> he says he feels like he's getting a second chance at life. he cannot wait to swim again. it might take two to three years to fully regain use of his arms. as the nerves grow back. another chance for us to thank each and every one of the servicemen and women protecting our freedom. >> hear, hear. >> indeed. >> thank you so much for your service, and no more deserving than brendan. >> and their families. >> great story.
8:04 am
how about "pop news"? >> let's do it. i love the smiles on all of your faces this morning. >> we look like the set of "beverly hills chihuahua." >> honestly, nothing gives you the feeling of the unconditional love of a pup. he will be my costar today. we begin with another adorable creature, bradley cooper. how atrabt sieve that incredible actor? he was in a soul cycle class. here in new york, where we have heard he's a regular. sam, i know you're a soul cycler. you'll like this story. women reportedly fell off their bikes when he took off his shirt at the end of the class. >> yeah, yeah. >> that's according to "the new york post" who said he was trying to go low-profile. wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt most of the class. but, you know, it gets hot in there. you gotta do what you gotta do. eyewitnesses say that the oscar nominee couldn't have been nicer to the wobbly-kneed women who wanted to say hi. he congratulated them on a great workout. it's very hard to choose a baby name or a puppy name, thank you very much.
8:05 am
he's number 3 right now. the baby name, obviously, will impact the child for the rest of their lives. now there's an app for that. where you can tell what your child's career might be. >> what? >> huh? >> just from their name. it's called name tricks, doctor or dancer? you select a name and it tells you their top profession. sam, in case you're wondering, was destined to be a gangster, a baseball player, or a rapper. which, i can attest, he's all of those things. he's our gangster, rapper, baseball-playing meteorologist. he's all of those things. i actually have. i looked up all of yours. elizabeth, your top thing was poet. george, yours was archaeologist. yours was a basketball player, ironically. >> hey, not too far. >> how about that? >> and you? >> come on, what was it? >> oh, darn it. can somebody tell me? >> cosmetologist?
8:06 am
>> a dog hoarder. >> mine was a dog breeder. it is what it is. moving on to beyonce now. looking at the photos that she's posted from her super bowl rehearsal, it will be quite a spectacular. beyonce setting the place on fire in this referee costume. she posted this pic on tumblr yesterday. along with some others of her dance moves. and so many rumors about an appearance of destiny's child band mates. really kicking into high gear now. when asked about it, michelle williams said, she was going to be touring in a show called stella. but, now, if you go to the website, it says williams will not be performing from january 31st to february 3rd, which ironically happens to be the day of the super bowl. >> i have them going. i see it happening. >> there you have it. we'll find out.
8:07 am
josh and sam, firsthand. you're heading down. now to the "pop quiz." which celebrity couple did these kids grow up to be? those are tough. >> what? >> who are these celebrity children now? >> one of them is up side down. >> one of them is. i think she's hanging from something. we'll give you the answer after weather. sam, are you getting an answer on whether or not you can adopt that pup? >> i'm asking right now. i don't want to make him the villain. we talked about adopting a puppy. >> you're all taking these dogs home. there's like, how any of you separate at this point. >> i don't think it's possible. >> i think my husband would divorce me. >> there are others up for adoption. we can assure you. >> you know who is not here today. i want to take a picture of where she is right now. because it's one of the happiest places on the planet. our ginger zee, who's coming up at 8:30, in a live shot right there. she's got -- look at her. it's gorgeous in orlando by the way. it's one of the places that's near record temperatures.
8:08 am
she'll be bringing us some new news from the parks there right there on main street. let's get to the boards on your main street. we'll show you exactly what's going on. new video in. i want to get to this if we can. out of nashville. from the line of storms that moved through. we have shown you some nearby nashville areas. this is video of the storm damage in downtown there. a lot of straight line winds there. a little confusing as to the what the damage is. we had small tornado reports being picked up on radar at about the same time the line went through. they'll get it all sorted out in the light of day. that storm system moves east. behind that front, cold air. look at chicago going down into the single digits. boston, 35, from the 50s. out west, l.a., 69. san diego in the 60s as well. that's the weather around the nation.
8:09 am
>> ow. i'm losing a thumb. ow. >> no less addicted. >> they're all available. >> many dogs to be had. i can't say these four are among them. >> no. >> what's coming up, lara? >> i'm so glad you asked. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu" -- the explosive new interview with rihanna. she's now speaking out for the first time about why she's reunited with chris brown. and the new super bowl ad, is it offensive or hilarious? an entire country reacts overnight. and we have d.l. hughley giving us his opinion.
8:10 am
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8:15 am
to our "daily pop quiz." which celebrity couple these kids grew up to be? the answer is justin theroux and jennifer aniston. both of them were 14 at the time. that was back when she loved cheese steaks and he loved fedoras. >> i wouldn't have guessed that one. >> really? you win some, you lose some. we move on now to rihanna and her explosive new interview about why she reunited with chris brown. the superstar spoke all about it with "rolling stone" magazine. abc's cecilia vega has the story. ♪ i choose to be happy >> reporter: these days, rihanna's happy, in love, and opening up for the first time about her reunion with chris brown. in a new interview, the megastar says she and brown are in a great place and she's not apologizing for it. she says, i decided it was important for me to be happy.
8:16 am
and i wasn't going to let anybody's opinion get in the way of that. even if it's a mistake, it's my mistake. it's been four years since that infamous night when brown left rihanna bloodied and bruised. she described it to diane sawyer. >> he had no -- no soul in his eyes. just blank. he was clearly blacked out. there was no person when i looked at him. >> reporter: brown has been making headlines this week for an alleged brawl with singer frank ocean. but rihanna says he's a rehabilitated man. he made a mistake and has paid his dues, she said. he's paid so much. sometimes people need support and encouragement instead of ridicule and bashing. the pop star says their relationship has changed for the better. it's different now. we don't have those types of arguments anymore. we value each other. we know exactly what we have now. we don't want to lose that.
8:17 am
rihanna told "rolling stone" fans should not confuse her love for weakness. >> there's no third chance. she'll walk away. >> reporter: if it happens again? that's just not an option. i wouldn't be here if i didn't think chris was ready. just like the name of her newest album, rihanna truly is unapologetic. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. let's talk about the super bowl ad already stirring up controversy, debate. "usa today" asked, is it racist or a hoot? if you haven't seen it, take a look. >> i hate mondays. >> yeah, they're the worst. >> no worries man. everything will be all right. >> yeah, man. >> come on, don't fret, fella. the sticky buns come soon. yeah, wicked coffee, mr. jim. julia, turn the frown the other way around.
8:18 am
>> hey, dave, you're from minnesota, right? >> yes, the land of 10,000 lakes. the gopher state. >> so in conclusion -- things are pretty dismal. >> you know what this room needs? a smile. who want to come with i? ♪ traveling along there's a song that we're singing ♪ ♪ come on get happy >> you're three minutes late. >> don't be no cloud on a sunny day. >> yeah, chill, winston. >> sir? >> respect, boss man. >> that's the power of german engineering. >> i like that. don't be no cloud on a sunny day. >> yeah. >> okay, d.l. hughley, what do you say? >> i can't understand what i'm supposed to be mad about. like, i don't get it. is spike lee behind this again? you know, jamaicans can make a movie where they bobsled, then minnesotans can speak with a
8:19 am
jamaican accent. >> it just raise the question, d.l., the nation of jamaica says it doesn't have a problem with it. they think it's funny. who decides it's racist? >> to me, it's only crazy. it would only be racist in a jamaican came with the volkswagen. it's the most asinine concept that people with a keyboard get to decide what is racist. i tell you what, since minnesota did a jamaican accent, then jamaicans can get to redo "fargo." >> people should get into their inner jamaica and get happy. he's even negotiating vw for some sort of co-branding.
8:20 am
>> and, by the way, people should get in touch with their inner jamaica. >> one of the criticisms i heard from a blogger was that it makes black people look too happy. yeah, that's horrible. what are we, goldilocks? this black's too happy. this black's too sad. this black's just right. >> it's just at important that you find it funny. >> i know it's supposed to make me mad. all it made me do was want to listen to a bob marley cd. >> it didn't make you want to buy a volkswagen? >> and go to jamaica. >> it does make you smile. >> it sure does. d.l., thank you for weighing in. let's go out to josh. >> it was good to hear d.l. time for "deals & steals." today's items, this is a really good one, tori, all made here in america. david muir, very happy. >> this is an early valentine to david and diane. right? >> it's terrific. now, you're going to tell us all about it. logon right now. on yahoo!.
8:21 am
if you see something you like, get it. because this stuff goes like hot cakes. links, promo codes, et cetera. away we go. >> we should tell everyone you have already cheated and tasted these and given it the thumbs up. >> they're delicious. >> it's called pick of the month. there's three packages you can choose from with all kinds of ribs and sauces. something for everybody. you can choose three different ship dates in the next month. so, that's really good. check out the savings. normally -- >> they're both delicious. >> good, good, good. got the josh seal of approval. normally, these packages range from $75 to $104. a lot of food that you get for that. slashed in half, starting at $37.50. >> i love it. >> really amazing. i love this company. it's called chalkboard china. all these beautiful pieces. it comes with chalk. you get to write love notes. imagine those to sarina or for your husband to buy you one of these, hint, hint, marc. for valentines day. to leave you a vase with love
8:22 am
notes every morning. >> so nice. >> a huge assortment. a dallas-based company. one of my favorites. normally, ranging from $20 to $33. candles too. >> smells good. >> you can put people's names on the candles and use it as a place setting. $10 to $16.50. gorgeous for a party. >> vargas. over here? >> really? i'm hungry. >> moving along. >> this is a cute company. these bracelets all say beautiful things. leather bracelet hand done in los angeles. four different things. love, stronger, empowered, and grateful. you can get 14 karat gold plated or nickel plated. i love them both. normally, $80. slashed by 64%. $29. >> you can't afford to not buy that. >> this is one of my all-time favorites.
8:23 am
this company is called butterscotch blankies. they're in boca raton, florida. josh, check this out, i have yours coming. you get your initials on them. you can do this as a baby gift, a wedding gift, a baby gift. >> this is a great baby gift. >> an amazing baby gift. >> i am a big baby. >> yes, you are. >> we'll see that in your office on the couch. normally, $130. slashed in half for "gma" viewers. $65. >> it's amazing. can sam come out here? we have something just for him. >> just for him. >> oh, yes! sammy, here you go. >> little tykes makes this product, also in ohio. for over 20 years, sort of a mainstay in living rooms. comes in magenta and also, a bright, bright blue. so boy or girl, depending on what you've got. and for this price, you can't afford not to buy one of these.
8:24 am
they're normally $30. slashed in half, $15. free shipping on this one. >> sarina is too old. right? >> it breaks my heart. she's a little too old. >> is my 6-year-old too old? >> if i brought it home, she would judge me. >> and guess what? we're going to have -- we have another exclusive deal you can only get on "gma" live today. and then, also exclusive deals only at we have every property covered with exclusive deals all over. >> moving products and viewers. >> all of these things made in america. >> logon right now if you want them. they're going as i say they're going. and you can logon as well. on yahoo!. codes, links. we've got blockbuster "megadeals & steals" next week with you. coming up, puppy bowl ix. go nowhere. coming up, can you say party? i'm talking new orleans, big easy, mad fun. tim mcgraw live in concert.
8:25 am
>> we're taking over the french quarter. good morning, america. >> emeril cooking things up. >> bam. >> we even got a saint to party with josh and sam. think it can't get any better? how's this? robin roberts makes her first homecoming to the gulf coast since her recovery. now that's something to celebrate. friday. be there for "good morning america's" super tailgate party. >> now, from abc7 news good morning, developing news in the search of a san francisco home for the remains of kevin collins, the ten-year-old boy who disappeared in february of
8:26 am
1984. abc7 broke the story of the search on abc7 news at 4:00 yesterday. bones were discovered buried under a basement floor of a home on masonic avenue near page street. the initial assessment is they are likely from an animal but, still, final testing needs to be done. morning commute and sue is check out the tough spot. >> we have a sig-alert eastbound 580 at greenville in livermore. this is from sky seven h.d., car fire unfortunately was fatal. all lanes eastbound 580 were closed for a time and now you can see the right lanes are getting through but traffic is still bad from livermore out to the central valley. kristen? >> thank you. sunshine. on beautyrest and posturepedic.
8:27 am
get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now.
8:28 am
>> nice to see you. check out the temperatures, mid 30's to mid-40's. we have 49 in san francisco, and mountain view for the warm spot. temperatures today are one degree to seven degrees warmer than yesterday. everyone is in the low-to-mid 60's under a brighter sky than yesterday. the temperatures will remain above average through at least monday. slig ♪ bow wow wow ♪ bow wow wow hello, everyone out there in times square. check out what is happening right here inside right now. all the warmups.
8:29 am
for our puppy bowl. the dogs are on the field. they're getting ready. >> oh, yes! >> we're going to be watching them, cheering them on in just a couple of minutes. >> all the hype has led us here. >> oh, yes. >> today is the day. >> look how cute my number 5 is. also ahead, we have the hottest couple on television. kerry washington and tony goldwyn's on-screen affair burning up the screen in "scandal." this morning, they're here live. >> i'm so excited about them. >> me, too. and anne burrell in the kitchen with game day grub. >> always great to have her. >> we're about to chew on whatever that is. and an exciting announcement about celebrating the people in your life who make your life better. actually, ginger zee is in one of the happiest places in the world. she's talking about the plans to bring main street to your street. we're going to go there live. time for the kickoff, the
8:30 am
barkoff, or whatever we're about to do. the big game in new orleans on sunday. this morning, a sneak peek at another one brewing on the field. we're talking about the puppy bowl. take a look. on super bowl sunday, the game between the harbaugh brothers is not the only game in town. another smaller, furrier brawl will play out on animal planet's puppy bowl ix. there will be no shortage of fierce fights, personal fouls. >> no, no, no. excessive cuteness, you two. >> reporter: the lineup scruffier, legs shorter. there will be plenty of heart and grit. hedgehogs on the sidelines. hamsters in the air. it's all-out animal mania. the best part, the animals come from pet finder. they're all available for adoption. in this game, they're all top dogs. >> touchdown! how does it feel? >> reporter: find out, puppy
8:31 am
bowl ix, of course, on animal planet. joining us now, our referee, dan. how are you? >> i'm pumped. >> these are the players today. we have favorites now. four of them, i think, are going home with my colleagues. what are the rules? >> a chew toy has to be carried into the end zone. that counts as a touchdown. there's no teams. individual sport here. >> can we do it? let's do this thing. >> you want to do the game. >> let's do this thing. >> all right, here we go, guys. >> one is clearly larger than the other. >> here's the kickoff. [ whistle blows ] >> go, go, go. >> go, go. >> go, number 2. go number 2. go, molly. molly is like, what is going on? i don't know. >> nothing much happening. >> what we do is we -- >> go, go, number 3, oh, yes! number 3! does that count? >> wow, this is gripping
8:32 am
television. >> anything can happen. >> oh, oh, oh. >> come on. >> we have a lot of spunk. >> there's a lot of heart. and a lot of grit. not a lot of scoring. >> it's all right. >> it's a defensive game. >> are there similarities to this and the actual game? >> you know, thank you for asking, lara. i think the defenses both, from baltimore and san francisco, are going to carry the teams. >> look. >> early training? >> yes. >> number 5, look at number 5. almost got it. >> number 3, go. >> come on, sam, get in there. >> get in there. >> sam, come on. >> there goes number 5. >> metriculating the toy down the field. >> is that a first down? >> we're close. >> we have a fight. >> aggression to be sure.
8:33 am
>> that's all right. when we have aggression, we call a paws interference. we set them back five yards or so and we start the play again. >> the control room is saying we can go at any time. i would hate to miss out on a scoring binge. we can promise in puppy bowl ix, on animal planet, there will be scoring aplenty. and we'll have an exclusive on "gma" live at 9:00 a.m. number 5 was so close. >> yeah, yeah. cheerleader kittens are joining us. logon to slash live at 9:00 a.m. before sam and a final look at the weather? are we doing the bachelor promo? >> yes. >> i don't know we we're doing that from the dogs. if you will. but hey, let's take a look. >> i'm going to lay it out to you all. i don't care what people say at the end of the day, if i want to get engaged, i can easily get engaged. there are plenty of guys in the world.
8:34 am
i seriously want to punch everyone in the room. >> tierra is the drama in the house. send her home already. let's be honest. you're going to wife that? and then impregnate it? >> oh, you just made me vomit in my mouth. >> be sure to tune in again. a "bachelor" two-night event. kicking off next mond monday, continues tuesday at 9:00. a quick look at the weather, sam. >> in metro atlanta, right now, a strong line of storms west of the area. we're watching the whole line cross in through northern georgia right now. that's where all the red is. we'll continue to watch for that. see what's going on. a live picture from wsb who has this all under control. they're letting the people know what the storms are. how the storms are moving west to east across atlanta. this is where the violent storms will be all day long.
8:35 am
following that front. we feel like there's still a lot of punch in the front. witness the tornado warning at this hour of the morning. going all the way through the south. the worst weather from pittsburgh. the numbers so unusually high. 30 degrees above normal for a high today in pittsburgh. all the way to tallahassee. when that front clears through, you'll get better weather. all the way through the deep south. it's much colder behind that front. the jet stream is cutting in. if it were april, i would be fine with this. this is unusual going into january into february. >> all that weather was brought to you by jcpenney. and now we want to get to our ginger zee, who is in orlando right now. for an announcement.
8:36 am
how to make things better for the folks who make your hometown better every day. what's the story? >> i'm having an extremely warm welcome to disney world. look at this. mickey and minnie are here. this is wonderful. pleasure to meet you. >> the pleasure is all mine. and ginger, may i say, i know talent when i see it. your look is lovely and your elocution is excellent. you should be in the theater. >> really? i think so. bigger than "gma." i think time -- i'm going to go by disney princess humidity. that's what i want to do. there is a serious reason we're here. "good morning america" and disney parks want to celebrate a hometown organization, a charity, a school, or a club, that has brought joy and caring to the lives of others. the you're part of a group like that, the one i'm describing, you can tell us all about it right now. go to and find out how to enter the hometown celebration contest.
8:37 am
if your organization wins, great news. you get to have a huge disney magical party like only disney can do. all of this with you. can you imagine? let's head back in to sam. >> an opportunity to win something. go to to find out what it is. coming up, "scandal" stars kerry washington and tony goldwyn. they're right here live this goldwyn. they're right here live this (woman) 3 days of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (woman) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request more information today. ♪ burning like a fire ♪ building up from deep inside it was 3 days of pure joy.
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8:40 am
[ cheers and applause ] oh. catching up on one of the greatest shows on tv right now, in my opinion. it's abc's hit drama, "scandal." we have kerry washington and tony goldwyn with us. we're going to talk to them in a moment. but first, a look at how politics is not just personal in "scandal." it's also quite fashionable. >> mr. president. we can't. >> reporter: the passion is palpable. the scandalously hot love affair between the characters has viewers captivated. now "scandal" is a hit show and washington's fashion a force to be reckoned with. >> i'm a gladiator in a suit.
8:41 am
>> reporter: when olivia pope walks into a room, heads turn. what and who will she be wearing next? from trench coats to prada bag. >> this was the iconic olivia pope trench by tori burch. >> reporter: we got a sneak peek inside this crisis manager's enviable closet. >> about being elegant and not looking like a man in a suit. >> reporter: there's a trick to getting pope's look for less. >> you can buy the cheapest jacket and if you take it to someone and have them tailor it, it's 50% to 60% more olivia pope. >> reporter: as for the president. ? he looks amazing in a suit. he's so easy to dress. >> happy to have the stars of "scandal" with us. welcome to "good morning america." >> thank you. >> happy to be here. >> i want to get to the fashion. it's so much fun for all of us to watch. and on you, too.
8:42 am
the president wears a suit quite well. i want to talk about what is happening in the show. the chemistry has been talked about. it's all over the web. it's palpable. i want to give everybody a sneak peek. we have a scene coming up from this week. just to set it up. the president is on in the phone with olivia pope. basically, well, the president -- let me go -- you have just told the president -- >> i love seeing you. you're such a fan. i love seeing you in this mode. >> i am. i am. olivia has just told the president that edson, the senator she's dating has asked her to marry him. and the president has told her he's just asked the first lady for a divorce. >> wait, okay. whatever is wrong we'll fix it. say you'll wait for me. say it. say you'll wait for me.
8:43 am
>> yeah. olivia kind of falls apart in this episode. we really see her under more stress than she's ever been before. which is great. the whole team at pope and associates has to step up. >> yeah, an affair is tricky on many levels on a good day. but when it's with the president of the united states. what has the fan reaction been? >> i think it's hard for people. >> amazingly positive. this is an affair where these two people are genuinely deeply in love with each other. so i think the audience is really invested in that. you get a lot of people saying, i know it's horrible, but i really want these two people to be together. or i hate -- it confronts people's morality. >> there are lines where he said in the past, why didn't i wait for you? why did i marry somebody i wasn't in love with?
8:44 am
why didn't i wait to marry somebody i love? what is marriage supposed to be? should we be more careful about the commitments we make? it's a lot of great questions. >> not just the chemistry between you. it's voyeurism at its best. watching you guys. you have said it's often times not what's said, the scripts are phenomenal. but it's a lot of times what's not said between you. how do you convey the passion? >> tony and i had never worked together as actors before the show. but we had worked together in politics, because we both do a lot of work for arts advocacy. we knew each other from stomping through the halls of the senate and all through congress asking for increased funding for the arts and humanities. we know each other in plaolitic terms. we respect each other intellectually. i think the respect is important.
8:45 am
>> i think that's part of it. it's funny. we don't talk that much about what we're doing. we just seem to be in synch about every scene. once in awhile, we'll go, what about this or that? the chemistry thing, we don't want to -- not that we don't want to talk about it with you. but we don't talk about it much. it's just there. we don't want to mess it up. >> just show up and say the words. >> we cant wait to see what happens with you. what you both wear. olivia pope's wardrobe is just beyond incredible. and yours, too, the president can wear a suit. >> there's a lot of great fashion in washington these days. we're trying to match that and up the ante. >> you've done well. >> it's amazing. one of the only designers you go, perfect. >> and we're really, the clothing becomes one of the characters in the show. i love watching it. i want to congratulate you, kerry, on "django unchained." best picture nominee. at the oscars. can't wait to see what you're wearing. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you.
8:46 am
>> tune in. >> it's great fun. it airs tomorrow night, 10:00, 9:00 central right here on abc. see you guys soon. please do stay with us. we have great game day grub coming up, perfect for your super bowl party. ñ@ñ ñ,ñ?ñppeñt
8:47 am
8:48 am
friday, it's a party in the big easy with tim mcgraw live in concert on friday. >> good morning, america. come party with us. ♪ we're gearing up for the super bowl in new orleans. we have anne burrell here. host of "worst cooks in america." a lot of super bowl snacks coming up. but first, congratulations are in order. you're getting married. >> thank you. >> that's fantastic. >> i have the spectrum covered. i go from professional chef to looking for a job to the worst of the worst home cooks and everything in between.
8:49 am
>> what are we starting with now? >> we're doing our main thing since the super bowl is on sunday, we're doing snacks. i'm starting off with something that can be versatile. it's a sweet and spicy sausage ragout. if you wanted to do a pasta dish and then put it together and bake it ahead of time. or, what i like to do, i do it on nachos. >> sounds good. first some onions. >> and celery, and fennel, and a little bit of garlic. we pureed it. ooh. just standard flavor bases. we brown it, brown it, brown it. it tastes good. we add in a bunch of sweet and spicy sausage. or if you wanted to just be sweet or -- all right. they're excited about the sausage. if you wanted to go sweet or all spicy. you can do that. we have wine and tomato paste. we get that in there.
8:50 am
and just put this all together. >> you can do this for just about anything. >> right? right? nachos or pasta or whatever you want. we have this all cooked together. we add a bunch of water. you can do a big pot, do it ahead. >> even better on the next day, right? >> yes. exactly. you can even make it last week and put it in the freezer. something like that. >> that's steaming up over here. that looks good. >> you want to give it a taste? >> yeah, i'll give you a taste right now. >> did i do all right? >> how are you? >> the nachos are amazing. >> the turkey burgers, because we have supersecret flavor weapons in there. we add a little water. the moisture comes from the water. right? >> turkey burgers. >> me, too. >> that's not the way i roll anymore. >> before we get to the finish. tell me about the south beach food and wine festival. >> it's an event i look forward
8:51 am
to every year. you know, it goes for no kid hungry. it's a great charity event. but it's all just super fun. you see all people from the food network. chefs from all over the country. it's like spring break. >> you spoon it all on top. >> pickled onions. >> right. >> tell me about them. >> is it hot? >> are pickled onions hard to do? you see pickled things. they pop. >> they do pop. >> what are we doing with the pickle? >> it's a superquick pickle. i mean, it's just about red wine vinegar, salt, sugar, a little tabasco and water. and then let them soak for about 20 minutes. and voila. >> turkey sliders. >> pardon me, elizabeth. excuse me. >> don't miss anne on "chef wanted." it starts again tomorrow. season four premier of "worst cook in america" on food
8:52 am
network on the 17th. all on the food network. we'll be right back. >> thank you guys so much.
8:53 am
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now, from abc7 news good morning, i am kristen sze. testing of the new electronic toll taking is underway on the golden gate bridge with collectors staffing lanes and accepting cash now, but the all electronic system is on and will
8:58 am
allow drivers who do not use fast track to pass through the unmanned booths and built for the toll. now, how is it going with sue? >> busy morning. in livermore, still a sig-alert with four lanes blocked 480 and an early fatal accident with a coroner investigating on the scene. slow eastbound, and north 101 at wood side a sig-alert and slow traffic on the peninsula. mike? >> temperatures today are one to seven degrees warmer than yesterday under a brighter sky with low-to-mid 60's temperatures well above average and mild around the bay with 40's and 30's inland and the seven-day outlook is above average through super bowl xlvii sunday. announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new drama, "the americans," keri russell. and host of "the bachelor,"
8:59 am
chris harrison. plus your questions and comments when the co-hosts open up the "inbox." all next on the emmy-winning "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: thank you. aww, hi! well, hello! [applause] hi. hello. hi. oh, my gosh, what a nice group. there are people i even know here in the audience. it's wednesday, january 30. january 30th? michael: already. kelly: already?


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